demand for rural security increases as thieves strike

Following a difficult spell for farmers and rural businesses in the summer of 2019, thieves have returned as we start 2020, leaving local  farmers again dealing with the cost of crime.

Harborough FM recently reported a number of incidents in the area in recent weeks, with off-road vehicles targeted in attacks on farm buildings.

The average cost of crime today (most importantly burglaries) is well over £1,000, but businesses and households in rural areas are likely to face costs significantly higher, especially down to the assets targeted by criminals.
Firstly, breaking and entering is costly, with significant damage being caused in a lot of cases, from damaging large gates, barn doors and secure units, to the most extreme cases where cutting equipment is used on the walls of sheds and farm buildings to gain entry.
On entering buildings, thieves often have a big selection of bounty, including power tools, fuel, batteries, metal and the most organised criminals are even targeting plant, farm machinery and vehicles.

Attacks are usually pre-planned and business owners, residents and staff should be especially vigilant in the winter months when the hours of darkness are extended. Any suspicious activity should be noted and reported, from unexpected visitors to the yard or property, vehicles acting suspiciously in the area, and even finding markings or graffiti ‘tags’ which criminals often use to highlight a site with identified targets, or vulnerabilities.

What can you do to minimise your risk of crime?

Despite specialising in technical security, we always maintain that lights and dogs remain the most effective deterrent. Intruder’s do not like operating in a well lit area, and will avoid drawing attention to themselves by entering a well lit yard or driveway.
Adopting good practice in securing your assets is always a great benefit. Not leaving keys for plant and vehicles in the ignition or in the same building, blocking in trailers with other vehicles, and ensuring any fuel containers or tanks are locked and pumps isolated.

How can Defensure help?

Electronic security also plays a huge part in rural security. CCTV provides you with eyes on your buildings or yards at all hours, with remote connectivity, and alerts from motion detectors which provides crucial assurance.
Intruder alarms are also crucial for secure stores and perimeter detection, which can be used to communicate to keyholders in the event of an alarm, or trigger loud sirens and even additional lighting to  deter an intruder before any damage, or additional damage or theft takes place.