Specialist Fibre Optic Services

We can provide fibre optic services for your data infrastructure requirements. In fact, we install and maintain fibre optic cabling for a number of clients who don’t always use it for their data network.

Our CCTV installations have benefitted from the use of fibre optics where regular copper cabling just won’t reach. Your distances are not limited like they are with copper, so for large sites, it makes much more sense to transmit our cctv over a fibre optic network.

Large scale AV systems also use fibre optics, which can carry 4K ultra HD signals with ease. It also provides great future proofing, meaning as our TV pictures get clearer and clearer, the fibre optic network will still transmit these new technologies as they are introduced.


Do you need fibre optics in your business?

Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and we will be happy to talk through your options, arrange a site survey and provide a quotation for you.

If you have an existing network that needs vital repairs, or maybe you would like to upgrade your cabinet links to fibre due to an ever expanding IT system, we can help.

All of our data work is fully commissioned and tested by our trained engineers, and coupled with our ongoing support and maintenance services, your IT infrastructure is in capable hands.