Deter & Detect with professional video surveillance

We specialise in design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems. Whether it is a small system covering a residential property, or a large system for an industrial client, we will ensure your video surveillance is fit for purpose and is of the highest standards.

If you already have a CCTV system, we can upgrade any aspect to bring it up to date, add additional cameras, and carry out routine maintenance. A large number of clients have upgraded their ageing analogue cameras to HD, using new technology to provide the best possible images on your existing hardware and cabling.

Our new systems can be as simple or as intricate as your needs require. Using your broadband, we can setup remote monitoring using your smartphone or tablet, or even to a receiving centre for a dedicated monitoring service. The latest in camera technology allows us to set up virtual trip wires around your property or business which will trigger alerts and send you a live feed of any intruders.

Integrating the system with lighting, public address and access control systems can further enhance your video surveillance, allowing you to trigger additional lighting on activation of a virtual alarm, and even allowing you to play a recorded message or talk directly through the public address system on site.

Case Studies

Returning Thieves

Following a theft from a Market Harborough business, we installed a number of cameras around the premises. Within five days the thieves had returned and tried their luck again. This time though, the footage from our system provided the police with not only the vehicle registration number, but clear footage of the intruders, and footage of every piece of stolen goods they removed from the site and placed in their van.

And just days later we were on site to assist with the retrieval of more footage, after a delivery vehicle reversed into a vehicle on site and left the site without reporting the incident. The footage provided everything the delivery company required in order to fully compensate the customer for the damage to their vehicle.

Large Site Management

We upgraded a large number of cameras covering a wholesale market. The security office were using these images to monitor the safe movement of vehicles around the site, and also assisting with loss prevention.

Following the upgrade, the new cameras not only provided a full HD image, but improved night vision, and more importantly increased the areas covered by CCTV by using appropriate lens sizes.

They now provide a much sharper image, allowing the security staff to better monitor for potential theft. This has since led to multiple bans being issued from the market, and criminal prosecution on more than one occasion.